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Order your IVY Floor Display now!

The IVY Floor Displays allow you to display tablet as a stand-alone device. This is ideal for providing information in open areas such as trade-show booth and show rooms.


The IVY Floor Displays have been designed to present your tablet at an ideal height for most users, while being positioned at the ideal viewing angle of approximately 90 degrees.

The rod of the display is light enough to be carried easily why still sturdy enough to ensure that the display does not tilt over.

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floor cables


The IVY Floor Displays have been designed for maximum security and mobility. At the foot of the display a steel cable or Kensington ClickSafe® can be attached, keeping your displays safe even if you are not around e.g. when it remains overnight at a trade show booth.

The foot can also be separated from the rod using special anti-theft-bolts to enable easy transport, but only by those who are authorized to do so.



floor series

Tablet Orientation

Landscape & Portrait

Screen height

Distance from floor to center screen

1020 mm (40.2 in)

Included items

• Optie 1
• Optie 2
• Optie 3
• Optie 4

Optional items

Kensington ClickSafe® 1.8 m (6 ft) / USB extension cord 1.8 or 3 m (6 or 10 ft)

Color options

'Traffic White' (RAL9016) / 'Traffic Black' (RAL9017) / Chromium-plated / Custom RAL color (more information)


Steel with Powder-coat or Chromium-plated finish

Weight from

Depending on tablet model

3.85 kg (8.5 lbs)