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The ultimate tablet display

If you need to display one or more tablets in a public space such as a bar, museum or store the IVY tablet display is the perfect choice for you. The IVY tablet display enables you to exhibit your tablets in a sleek and beautiful way while keeping them safe and protected at the same time.


Fits like a glove

Each supported tablet is fitted with a custom 3D design that has been tested to ensure the perfect fit. The IVY tablet display currently supports the following tablets:

  • Apple iPad 2, iPad Air
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1, Galaxy Tab3 10.1

If you are using tablets from a different brand than the ones listed above, let us know!

Stacked tablets



Easy in easy out

Our simple locking system makes it easy to change the tablet supported by the IVY tablet display.


Rock Solid & Tamper Proof

The IVY is designed to keep your tablet secure from serious tampering methods, minimizing the need for supervision.

Product forces



Custom Finish

The IVY comes in off-white (RAL9016) or black (RAL9017) industrial-grade polyester structured powder-coat.

Create a unique and sophisticated look and order your IVY in a high-grade Chromium-plated finish instead. Or customize your IVY to match your specific setup and choose from one of the many RAL colors available.*

* Pricing and availability are to provisos. Extra costs may apply.