At Techtive we create award-winning products by combining our years of experience in design and manufacturing with a keen knowledge of user interaction and marketing. Working closely with the Delft University of Technology and a solid network of designers, engineers and manufacturers, there’s no challenge we can not tackle.


We are and have always been crazy about tablets. We not only love to get our hands on every new tablet, we would even like to place every single one of them on a statue in the center of our office.
When we were asked in 2012 to design an installation for a prestigious museum in the center of Amsterdam, this was our basic thought. Why hide a state of the art design, when we could be embracing it? We designed a futuristic piece of furniture with 12 iPad’s, 2 big screens and futuristic LED lines and placed this in a monumental building. The tablets pop-up out of the smooth surface, like little digital leaves… and so the IVY was born.

Where to find us

The IVY | Techtive BV
Buitenwatersloot 312
2614 GR, Delft
The Netherlands
Phone: +3115 3020030

Press information

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